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By Susan Collins-Smith
MSU Extension Service

RAYMOND, Miss. — When temperatures rise, it’s not simply people who have to take precautions.

Warmth stress is simply as severe and life threatening for pets as it’s for people.

Whereas each canines and cats can get too scorching, canines are extra vulnerable to overheating, warmth exhaustion and warmth stroke.

“People sweat to chill off, however canines don’t,” mentioned Carla Huston, Mississippi State College Extension veterinarian and professor with the MSU Faculty of Veterinary Medication. “Canine cool themselves by panting and ingesting water. They’ve a really restricted capability to sweat by their noses and foot pads. When the skin temperatures are too heat and so they don’t have entry to enough shelter and clear water, they’ll overheat simply.”

Heat climate may be an excessive amount of for canines even when it doesn’t appear that scorching to people.

Use warning with canines and restrict their outside time if they don’t have applicable shade and funky, clear water when the warmth index is 80 levels and above, Huston mentioned.

The next protocols will help preserve pets cool when temperatures rise:
•       Present limitless entry to recent water and shade.
•       Train canines within the cooler components of the day.
•       Keep off scorching surfaces, similar to asphalt, when exercising canines. Sizzling surfaces may cause severe burns to their paws.
•       By no means depart a pet in a car, even for a short while. Temperatures in automobiles can rise to harmful ranges inside minutes.
•       Speak to the pet’s veterinarian about whether or not to trim or clip a canine’s coat and whether or not to make use of sunscreen on the pet. If sunscreen is used, you’ll want to use merchandise specifically formulated for pets.
•       Preserve them freed from parasites, together with fleas, ticks and heartworms. Focus on the suitable merchandise and dosages with the pet’s veterinarian.

Warmth accidents in pets can vary in severity from warmth stress, which is the least extreme, to warmth stroke, which may be very extreme and result in demise. Early indicators of warmth stress in canines embrace extreme panting, extreme drooling, anxiousness, restlessness, bright-red gums and unsteadiness. Animals displaying indicators of warmth stress ought to be stored rested, taken inside or cooled off, and given loads of water.

The extra severe indicators of warmth stroke can embrace pale gums, unsteadiness, cheesy or dry snout and mouth, vomiting and diarrhea, nonresponse to the proprietor or instructions, and collapse. If canines expertise any of those signs, get emergency veterinary care instantly.

In cats, warmth stress may cause stressed conduct, panting, drooling, moist or sweaty paw pads, and extreme grooming as they attempt to cool off. Collapse, seizures and demise can happen if the cat can not settle down.

One other summertime hazard for canines is blue-green algae.

“Pets shouldn’t be allowed to drink from or swim in lakes or ponds that could be contaminated by blue-green algae blooms, that are micro organism referred to as cyanobacteria,” Huston mentioned. “These algae may be poisonous and end in deadly poisoning.”

Contaminated water normally has a foul odor, could seem inexperienced with a bluish tint and might be coated with thick, slimy algae, she mentioned.

For extra details about blue-green algae, different locations it might probably develop, and what to do if a pet is uncovered, go to the Pet Poison Helpline web site at and the VCA Animal Hospitals web site at

Treating pets for exterior parasites will assist preserve their pores and skin and haircoats wholesome and preserve their capability to guard towards temperature extremes and different potential accidents. Drugs for fleas, ticks and heartworms are simply step one in defending pets from parasites. Relying on the place a household lives, it could even be essential to deal with the yard and different areas that pets frequent to efficiently management fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

“Not permitting pets inside the home is the surest method to keep away from having fleas inside the home, however not all pet house owners favor this methodology,” mentioned Blake Layton, Extension entomologist. “Whether or not or not pets are allowed inside, step one in flea management is to deal with pets with an efficient and applicable on-pet therapy.
“Good, on-pet flea preventive, mixed with frequent cleansing of pet bedding areas, can preserve fleas from changing into established in the home or yard,” he mentioned.

Extension Publication 2597, “Management Fleas on Your Pet, in Your Home and in Your Yard” has extra details about flea biology and flea management strategies and merchandise for pets and houses. Discover it on the Extension web site at

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