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Ferocious and unsafe or improperly skilled? Pet Pitbull assault in Lucknow reignites debate on massive, looking canine

The latest case in Lucknow the place an 82-year-old girl died after being bitten by her pet pitbull canine, which has been part of, and cherished by, the household for 3 years, has baffled the girl’s son, canine lovers and animal behaviourists. The three-year-old feminine canine has been taken into custody by the Lucknow Nagar Nigam authorities and is underneath psychological statement on the animal facility of the Humane Society of India in Lucknow.
Citing this case, the LNN was fast to problem an advisory which acknowledged that ‘folks ought to keep away from holding looking canine breeds like American pitbull, rottweiler, Siberian husky, doberman pinscher and boxer as pets as a result of they have an inclination to turn into ferocious.’ In January this 12 months, the military additionally issued an advisory to its officers residing in Delhi Cantt, asking them to desist from holding canine breeds corresponding to rottweiler, pitbull, American bulldog, bull mastiff and German shepherd after an officer’s pet rottweiler bit a 5 year-old son of one other officer.

Whereas breeds like pitbulls, German shepherds or alsatian, hounds, dobermans, saint bernards and nice danes proceed to be well-liked and in demand, one wants to know methods to deal with them and look after them as suggested by vets, animal behaviourists and canine trainers.

A rottweiler in coaching

Pet mother and father like Pallavi Duffy, a resident of Uttarkashi, swear by German shepherds and hounds. “I’ve had German shepherds and Rampur hounds as pets for many years and they’re essentially the most loving and dependable pets. However with breeds corresponding to these, one has to first perceive their temperament,” she says.

Cyrus Cowasji, an animal caregiver, coach and pet dad or mum in Lucknow, who has fostered, rescued and stored canine corresponding to hounds, alsatians, dobermans, rottweilers, malinois and pitbulls in his home and farm and trains them, says, “The issue is that more often than not, folks purchase or undertake breeds with out understanding the character and wishes of the canine. A giant canine wants a number of train to burn their power. Until that’s channeled appropriately, the canine will are inclined to get annoyed and find yourself hurting somebody when provoked or irritated additional.” Soumya Nanda Mohanty from Bengaluru, a canine lover who has grown up with massive canine and can also be a canine coach, says, “Please bear in mind, no canine is aggressive! It’s how we people deliver them up, deal with them, socialise them and prepare them that shapes their behaviour and temperament. Sure breeds require a number of bodily train, psychological stimulus and social interactions.”

Citing a recent case of a pet pitbull attack , the Lucknow Nagar Nigam was quick to issue an advisory (left) which stated that ‘people should avoid keeping hunting dog breeds like American pitbull or rottweiler as pets because they tend to become ferocious’Citing a latest case of a pet pitbull assault , the Lucknow Nagar Nigam was fast to problem an advisory (left) which acknowledged that ‘folks ought to keep away from holding looking canine breeds like American pitbull or rottweiler as pets as a result of they have an inclination to turn into ferocious’


Christopher Vicky Franklin, an authorized canine coach and behavior therapist who specialises in aggressive canine coaching, insists on the homeowners being skilled first to deal with massive canine, adopted by the canine themselves. “Coaching your personal self to deal with that massive canine is extra necessary,” he says, a thought that’s seconded by canine coach Cyrus Cowasji. “Plenty of pet mother and father come to me with a rottweiler or a German shepherd pup saying he’s biting. My first query to them is, how are you going to permit that? How a lot have you ever learnt to rear this pup? I insist on coaching each the canine and the proprietor collectively in order that they know methods to behave with one another,” he says.

Varuna Kaur, a canine coach, says pet mother and father of any medium to massive breed should get their canine skilled at a really younger age. “It’s not solely breeds like rottweilers, dobermans, pitbulls and German shepherds, I’ve had tons of circumstances of golden retrievers, labradors and even beagles and cocker spaniels being aggressive. Even you probably have had canine all of your life, there may be nothing fallacious in taking steering from a skilled skilled. Sadly, a number of pet mother and father come to behaviourists solely after a nasty biting incident.”

“With canine, one has to convey to them at the beginning as to who’s the boss as they’re pack animals. Earlier than they begin to take into account themselves because the chief, the dad or mum has to determine their authority and allow them to know gently and firmly that they’re the chief of the pack,” says Christopher. Mitali Parekh, who runs a canine service, advises that massive canine want an skilled hand to route that guarding, defending intuition. “Pitbulls was once bred for combating so there are these instincts that want an skilled handler, to socialize, to route. They usually want bodily house for train. One other problem is that for giant breeds like these folks normally rent a crude coach and the coach makes use of dangerous strategies so the canine’s undesirable qualities get exaggerated. If you happen to use constructive coaching strategies with a canine, you’ve gotten extra success.”

(L-R) Rottweiler, pitbull and doberman(L-R) Rottweiler, pitbull and doberman


Christopher says there are a number of components one wants to remember earlier than getting these massive breeds. “At all times discover out in regards to the lineage of the canine. Are the mother and father aggressive or passive? If the mother and father are aggressive, the pup is more likely to be the identical. Secondly, if you will hold canine like these, be ready to place in a number of effort and coaching to make sure you are in management.”

Lots can also be to do with the gender of the canine, opine some consultants. “A feminine won’t be as aggressive as a male merely due to the distinction of hormones in them,” says Dr Vikas Singh, a veterinary physician. “A feminine can be extra light and the male extra boisterous. The hormones not solely management their bodily state, but in addition play an enormous position of their psychological make-up. However that doesn’t imply a bitch can’t be nasty. When in warmth, bitches too get irritable due to the hormonal adjustments of their physique,” he provides.

A German  shepherd  with its  ownerA German shepherd with its proprietor


“These are usually not straightforward breeds to maintain and preserve,” says Dr Abhishek Gupta, a veterinary surgeon. “Such canine want train, they want playtime, bonding with their homeowners and socialisation with outsiders, so folks holding them must have that in thoughts. You’ll be able to’t discriminate between breeds and assume that these canine are aggressive and never pleasant. I’ve labored with such breeds sufficient to know that almost all of them are light, particularly the females,” he provides.

Shirin Service provider, a canine behaviourist and coach, provides, “Rottweiler, pitbull, doberman, German shepherd have been bred as working canine. These are canine that have been bred for a sure function and a few of that function contains guarding and safety. So innately, they are often predisposed to that. However that doesn’t imply that each one of them change into biting canine.” “Most massive breed canine like pitbull, cane corso, bully kutta, rottweiler are genetically meant to do particular actions. For instance, pitbulls have been utilized in bloodsports like bear baiting and bull baiting, so their temperament is by default aggressive,” provides Sahadev Yadav, animal behaviourist {and professional} canine coach.

“Larger canine are inclined to do extra injury due to their dimension and therefore branded aggressive,” says Kamna Pandey, a sitting member of the Society For Prevention of Cruelty In direction of Animals (SPCA) and an animal activist and communicator, “Principally they’ve greater and extra highly effective jaws which inflict a deeper wound in the event that they assault. Additionally, due to their sheer dimension, it turns into tough to manage them if an assault happens.” “Larger might not at all times be higher, particularly for first-time canine homeowners,” says RK Pandey, a retired policeman who skilled canine for the UP Police. “They’re onerous to manage, even when playful due to their power. So solely an skilled particular person ought to hold massive breeds.”




  • Study in regards to the breed
  • Practice your self
  • Practice the canine
  • Make the canine perceive that you’re the chief of the pack
  • Get the canine vaccinated
  • Give it sufficient time and train
  • Socialise the canine in the direction of different animals and folks
  • If the canine is displaying aggression, give a command in a agency however calm voice
  • If the canine are combating amongst themselves, pour water over them
  • Set boundaries of behaviour on your canine


  • Don’t get a breed you’ll be able to’t deal with
  • Don’t hold the canine confined or chained for a really very long time
  • Don’t provoke them (kids pulling their tails or ears)
  • Don’t deviate from their day by day routine until completely obligatory
  • Keep away from sudden actions or loud noises round them
  • Aggressive behaviour results in aggression in canine, keep away from that
  • Don’t attempt to pull aside canine which are combating
  • Don’t encourage dangerous behaviour even when they’re a pup

—— With inputs from Debarati S Sen and Dharitri Ganguly

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