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From bored goldfish to sexist canine: 13 frequent pet issues – solved! | Pets

Remember final summer time, when it emerged {that a} scruffy blond resident of No 10 couldn’t get a grip on his amorous urges? Effectively, right here’s hoping Dilyn, the Johnsons’ jack russell cross, has since undergone some coaching. As most of the 3.2 million UK households who acquired a pet in the course of the pandemic are discovering, our animals’ behaviour doesn’t at all times replicate nicely on us, notably if we forgot to study a number of key particulars – like the way to take care of them correctly.

Now we’re paying: canine trainers and animal behaviourists are reporting overwhelming surges in curiosity. However whether or not your own home rabbit is undermining your housekeeping efforts or the pekingese is staging post-pandemic protests – don’t panic. Our panel of specialists – from aquatic vets to canine therapists – is right here to assist.

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Since I’ve gone again to the workplace, I preserve coming residence to search out that my cat has peed on my mattress. What’s occurring?
Defecating and elimination outdoors a chosen litter field is an indication of discontentment, speaking that they’re both not glad or are burdened by one thing (medical or psychological).

It may be a coping mechanism; leaving scent in numerous areas makes them really feel secure. Your first port of name must be your vet, to rule out medical issues. Then, contact a behaviourist (strive the Canine and Feline Behaviour Affiliation) for a house go to. As soon as they’ve a definitive analysis they are going to set out a plan so that you can observe to resolve this drawback.

My (feminine) cat adores my husband however hates me. Is she attempting to oust me, and the way can I repair this?
I’m certain your cat doesn’t hate you; she wouldn’t even perceive that emotional state. Cats select their favorite individuals for quite a lot of causes, from liking their pure odour, or that particular person both sitting within the spot they like or being the one who normally feeds them. Typically, it’s additionally to do with the cat’s background – traumas can alter how they reply to their new guardians. So: the way to repair it. Turn into the cat’s solely feeder, begin to play extra along with her, and oust your husband from his favorite armchair. Failing this, you may simply have to just accept your cat prefers his firm. Sorry.

My as soon as docile cat retains attempting to nip our child (who, in equity, fairly likes to seize the cat’s tail).
Cats and infants are a fragile stability. Infants cry loudly, take away Mum and Dad’s consideration, go away all types of recent smells across the residence and – sure – wish to seize physique elements. I might spend money on a number of cat towers or climbers, to assist your cat rise up excessive and out of the attain of tiny fingers. Then your cat can calm down whereas adapting to the small new alien of their territory. Within the meantime, as your child grows, it may be proven the way to play gently utilizing lengthy rod toys, light pats on the again and treats within the hand.

Anita Kelsey, cat behaviourist and creator of Let’s Speak About Cats: Conversations on Feline Behaviour

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I believe my canine could also be sexist. He barks at males, particularly these in hoodies. What can I do?
Whereas not sexist, canine completely can discriminate – fears might be associated to gender, age or pores and skin tone, and normally stem from an early damaging expertise. Begin off by giving him numerous treats each time you see any males at a distance (saving one thing particularly scrumptious for gents in hoodies). He’ll begin to pair the sight of a person with one thing optimistic. Within the meantime, simply bear in mind to maintain loads of house between you and people scary males. Proximity might be constructed up over time.

Final month, we despatched our canine to kennels for the primary time. After we picked him up, he appeared low. I believed he was sulking however, a month later, I fear he’s depressed. How can we cheer him up?
First issues first – get him checked by the vets to make sure no hidden harm or illness was picked up whereas he was away. Staying someplace new, away from creature comforts and trusted people, might be actually robust. Consider issues he enjoys doing, and attempt to do a number of of them day-after-day to spice up his temper. Sniffing, taking part in and chewing are all nice actions for creating feelgood vibes. For subsequent time, it’s price wanting right into a trusted residence pet sitter.

How do I cease my labrador scavenging when he’s out strolling, notably different canine’ poo?
Coprophagia (poo-eating) is certainly one of many much less interesting doggy pastimes. There are a variety of causes for it – poor weight loss program, starvation, boredom and even consideration in search of. It will also be a symptom of poor intestine well being, so it’s undoubtedly price getting your canine checked by their vet. It’s additionally essential to construct up his deal with you and different types of enjoyable. Taking part in video games with meals or toys, alongside engaged on a robust “go away it” cue, will assist handle scavenging.

My rescue canine insists on humping different canine. He’s already been neutered. What to do?
Apparently, humping isn’t at all times associated to sexual exercise. It may be displayed when a canine is burdened, and even be an indication of an underlying well being challenge. Within the brief time period, interrupt play recurrently (begin with each 20 seconds) to show your canine’s focus away from the opposite canine and in direction of you or some scattered treats. In case your canine will get simply overexcited throughout play, train him a brand new phrase which means they’ve to take a look at you so as to earn a scrumptious deal with instantly. Begin instructing it at residence the place issues are calm, earlier than slowly taking it out into the world of distractions.
Caroline Wilkinson, canine behaviourist, canine yoga practitioner and founding father of digital pet-coaching service, Barket Place


My goldfish tank smells, regardless of fixed cleansing. Is there an aquatic equal to Febreze?
Nearly all of aquarium smells are resulting from an extra in natural waste, comparable to fish faeces and uneaten meals, and subsequent bacterial blooms. Goldfish are messy creatures and can pollute a tank shortly if not maintained. Begin by checking water high quality to substantiate whether or not the filter is satisfactorily processing waste. If waste ranges are excessive, assess your tank for overfeeding and overstocking – as a rule of thumb it’s best to enable 20 gallons (90 litres) per goldfish.

Typically, I like to recommend a partial water change of 20% to 50% weekly, ensuring to siphon the substrate on the backside of the tank the place natural materials collects. The closest and most secure possibility now we have to Febreze is working activated carbon within the filter unit, which does a superb job at binding odour-causing pollution.

My boyfriend insists our goldfish want stimulation. He buys them new ornaments month-to-month and final week I caught him ‘rearranging their furnishings’. Is he proper?
Fish are way more clever than we give them credit score for. Israeli scientists have simply performed a research which discovered that goldfish, in a tank on wheels, have been in a position to navigate themselves round a room – a tremendous demonstration of spatial consciousness and cognitive perform. Different research have proven preferences in goldfish to spend extra time in enriched stimulating environments, which to me signifies some stage of profit or enjoyment. Various types of stimulation embrace a assorted weight loss program, stay vegetation and hand feeding.
Dr Bryony Chetwynd-Glover, director of London Aquatic Veterinary Companies

Rabbits and rodents

Final yr, we acquired a candy home rabbit, however she chews every part from the carpet to the desk legs. Please assist.
That is completely regular behaviour for rabbits, it’s simply not very handy for us people and turns into harmful in the event that they nibble by means of electrical cables (telephone charger leads are explicit favourites). There are some things you are able to do. First, redirect this pure chewing behaviour in direction of extra applicable objects: hay, clear deciduous tree branches, woven willow balls, and so on. Second: ensure she has the companionship of one other rabbit or two. Rabbits are a social species and should, for good welfare, stay in pairs or small teams. Final, child gates and pet crates make good barricades in opposition to valuable objects or areas.

My son had two gerbils (Elsa and Ana). Just a few weeks in the past, Elsa died. I panicked and acquired a lookalike whereas my son was at college. However they combat continuously, and he’s now confused. What do I do?
I’m afraid you will have to return clear together with your son. Gerbils, like people, have preferences for each other, and may have an enter on their new associate. This may be executed at a rescue centre to see who will get alongside greatest. If Ana and Elsa grew up with each other, they are going to have been extra more likely to get on anyway.

It’s attainable the brand new pairing may get on higher if you happen to introduce them on impartial territory as the brand new Elsa is an intruder into Ana’s residence. So, allow them to stay collectively, someplace new, for a few weeks earlier than shifting them again to their residence.

Assist! My daughter acquired a mouse for Christmas. Just a few days in the past, I let it escape. How can I tempt it again?
It is a quite common state of affairs. Strive to make sure there is no such thing as a meals left accessible to them, together with cabinets and work surfaces. Then put out a temptingly baited humane entice, or perhaps a ramp main as much as an acceptable glass or plastic smooth-sided container with one thing smooth within the backside and meals in it to maintain them fed in a single day. It’d take a number of days and even weeks, however so long as there are not any predators comparable to cats in the home, it’s best to catch her or him safely quickly.

Dr Richard Saunders, scholar in zoo and rabbit drugs at Bristol Zoo and vet specialist adviser to the Rabbit Welfare Affiliation & Fund


My son desires a lizard however the concept of feeding it child mice makes me retch (I’m vegan). Are there any reptiles that may have a plant-based weight loss program?
Totally different species of reptiles want totally different diets and it’s essential they obtain the right diet so as to thrive, whether or not this comes from a meat-based, plant-based and even insect-based weight loss program.

Some reptiles, like many tortoises, are herbivores and require a plant-based weight loss program to thrive; whereas others, comparable to bearded dragons, can have a largely plant-based weight loss program in captivity however could have to complement this with bugs.

It is very important guarantee reptiles get sufficient protein of their diets and methods of doing this may differ relying on the species.

Not all species will probably be appropriate pets for kids as they’ve complicated wants that should be fulfilled to ensure they’re glad and wholesome. It’s important to suppose twice and discuss to an exotics vet to make sure you can meet all the well being and welfare wants of a reptile earlier than getting one as a pet.
Dr Justine Shotton, president of the British Veterinary Affiliation

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