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From the farm: Looking for cows

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In March, Kevin Cole from Pittsfield referred to as as a result of he was promoting his total herd of Scottish Highlanders to make room for extra Belted Galloways. He requested, “Did I wish to purchase them?” Did I would like 24 extra bovines?

This spring, my herd was right down to 23, the right dimension. Why would I would like extra cattle? However similar to a clearance sale at J.C. Penny’s, I can by no means resist a discount, and since Kevin lived close by in Pittsfield, selecting them up can be handy.

My reply was, “Why not?”

There are three causes to purchase cattle within the spring; grass, grass, and extra grass. As a substitute of feeding costly hay, the cattle can feast on lush, inexperienced grass. After which there are the calves.

Who doesn’t wish to see furry little calves chasing one another in a calf sport of tag? I do. Apart from, I had raised a number of the cattle in Kevin’s herd and was glad to welcome them again to Miles Smith Farm.

Nina, a silver Scottish Highlander cow born on the farm in 2015, was bought to a Belmont farm earlier than Kevin purchased her. Nora and Mable had been mine earlier than I bought them to Kevin final yr when hay was scarce, and now every had a 6-month-old heifer calf. It’s all the time good to see outdated pals and their calves, particularly when there may be a lot of grass to eat.

Most of Kevin’s herd was not people-socialized, so after shopping for them, I tried to halter practice every cow. Some cows will battle the halter, and a few gained’t. However cattle are sensible, and most will settle for the stress of the rope and relax, however some by no means surrender preventing. Whereas doable, halter breaking a reluctant thousand-pound cow will not be as simple as coaching a two-hundred-pound calf, however I really like the problem of including worth by way of instructing whereas attempting to not get killed.

I purpose to maintain some cows for breeding and promote probably the most pleasant ones as “yard critters.” Nora and Mable now dwell on a fantastic farm in Virginia, and I’m coaching their daughters, Daffodil and Concord, to voice instructions. Quickly these two shall be extra obedient than most canine. Did I say I really like instructing cattle?

Some girls store for jewellery, and others for garments. My weak point is cattle buying. I’m wondering how husband Bruce will react after I inform him I simply purchased eleven extra?

Carole Soule is the co-owner of Miles Smith Farm ( in Loudon, N.H. She raises and sells beef, pork, lamb, eggs, and different native merchandise. She will be reached at

Carole’s Nook is a farming and agriculture column. It runs each week within the Sunday Your Life part. The writer is co-owner of a neighborhood farm and never a member of the Monitor’s employees.

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