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How can I deal with and handle my canine’s epilepsy?

My English springer spaniel Toto (7) has “sleep” in his eyes each morning which may frequently be laborious and crusty. I’ve heard this breed of canine can have points with their eyes — at what level ought to we be fearful?

So-called “sleep” is a small accumulation of secretions and particles that typically gathers within the nook of the attention when an animal has been sleeping. When they’re awake, the traditional blinking of the attention stops this from gathering. Often “sleep” is a darkish brown or black color, and it varies in consistency from watery to laborious and crusty. Ideally, there must be no “sleep” current in any respect. If the tear ducts (which carry tears from the nook of the attention to the tip of the nostril) are blocked, tears have a tendency to collect within the eye, and as they dry they’ll depart traces of “sleep”. 

Additionally, if there may be any irritation of the eyes, or the liner of the eyes (the “conjunctiva”: irritation is named “conjunctivitis”), this will trigger additional secretions that may seem as “sleep”. Minor irritation is a standard trigger (e.g. attributable to allergic reactions to pollens, sensitivities to environmental irritants). Attempt merely cleansing the eyes twice day by day utilizing barely salty water (a teaspoonful of salt in a pint of boiled water, cooled down). If the problem continues, even when it’s solely minor, it’d be finest to go to your vet to have a prognosis made. The vet will examine his tear manufacturing (if a canine has “dry eye”, with lowered tear manufacturing, this will exacerbate sleep), tear circulate (ruling out blocked tear ducts) in addition to different doable points (equivalent to ingrown tiny hairs on the eyelids) that may very well be inflicting ongoing irritation.

What can initially appear to be ‘sleep’ in a canine’s eye may really be pointing to a extra sinister underlying situation like conjunctivitis or blepharitis and it’s suggested to seek the advice of your vet.

My canine has twice eaten giant quantities of butter stolen from the kitchen- ought to I be fearful?

— Sam, East Cork

As with people, moderation is the important thing in terms of consuming butter. A small quantity of butter (maybe a tablespoonful a day for a medium-sized canine) will do no hurt in any respect, however greater than this may occasionally trigger issues. Butter is excessive in fats (80%) and calorie-dense (so it’ll contribute to a canine changing into obese or overweight), and second, it locations particular stresses on a canine’s metabolism (high-fat meals can provoke diseases equivalent to pancreatitis, or irritation of the pancreas). It’s far simpler to get a canine to cease consuming butter than a human: you simply must cease giving it to him. Canines can’t open fridge doorways or raise butter dishes down from cabinets. However homeowners do must be taught the significance of setting agency boundaries for his or her pets, not giving in to “huge eyes” or different needy behaviour, for the sake of higher well being for his or her animals.

High-fat meals (if eaten too often) can cause severe damage to your pet's pancreas.Excessive-fat meals (if eaten too usually) may cause extreme injury to your pet’s pancreas.

— Title withheld 

There are not any early indicators of epilepsy: a canine can all of the sudden begin to have seizures at any stage. The primary signal of epilepsy is often a generalised seizure (or match), lasting from one to 5 minutes, after they fall on their sides, paddling their legs, twitching in a state of unconsciousness. A match can occur as a one-off, however often, with epilepsy, they begin to occur frequently, and therapy is required after they happen extra usually than each month or so, or in the event that they happen in clusters (a number of suits, one after one other). 

Epilepsy tends to start out in younger canine (six months to 4 years) and is usually a lifelong concern that must be managed. Each day anti-seizure remedy is required for many canine, and it’s often (however not at all times) efficient. Shut veterinary supervision is necessary, however you may assist your vet by retaining an correct seizure diary (when, exactly do suits occur, how lengthy do they final, and are there any doable predisposing elements equivalent to flashing lights, train and so forth). It additionally helps to take a video when your canine is having a seizure, to point out the vet.

Your Staffordshire bull terrier dog may need to take medication for his/her epilepsy. Try keeping a diary and notice any patterns forming.Your Staffordshire bull terrier canine might must take remedy for his/her epilepsy. Attempt retaining a diary and see any patterns forming.

Since she was a pet, I’ve needed to do agility coaching with my Collie Minnie however I learn they need to be no less than two to start out. She’s virtually 4 now. Do you may have any recommendation on how one can get her began on this journey?

— Denise, Cork

Canine agility is an excellent sport, retaining energetic canine like Minnie match each bodily and mentally, and it’s a social, pleasing exercise too. She’s in her prime, and he or she’s more likely to be a speedy learner. There’s loads you are able to do in your individual again backyard: gear is definitely obtainable on-line, and there are lots of Youtube movies that introduce newbies to the game. Nonetheless, it’s finest to work with others who’ve gathered abilities and expertise. In Eire, there are lots of lovers, however no single canine agility organisation that connects everyone collectively throughout the nation. There are two helpful Fb Pages (“The Official Irish Agility Group” and “IKC Aggressive Agility”) whereas the Working Trials Membership of Eire ( and the Irish Kennel Membership ( have helped to advertise the game. 

Nonetheless, native lovers (equivalent to Eva at are almost certainly to be the important thing to getting you began with Minnie. Make contact with one of many above, and enquire about what’s happening in your space. You’ll be given useful steering alongside the trail to success on this thrilling exercise.

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