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How To Feed Your Canine

The world of Kenshi is a wierd and harsh one. If it isn’t the desert solar and lack of meals making an attempt to kill gamers, it is cannibals, bandits, mercenaries, non secular zealots, wild animals, and monsters. Survival is a troublesome and generally lonely affair. Fortunately, there’s one thing to make the open world of the desert just a little safer and so much much less lonely.

Bonedogs are considerably monstrous canines that rove the wilds of Kenshi in packs, preying upon unsuspecting animals (to say nothing of unsuspecting gamers). Regardless of their wild and harmful nature, farmers and bounty hunters usually hold bonedogs as pets. Better of all, the participant can too. A bonedog at one’s facet means greater than fixed companionship; it means a guardian and second set of eyes in opposition to the perils of the midday solar. To maintain a contented bonedog as a pet, nonetheless, the participant must hold it fed.


Feed From A Backpack

player with a dog in kenshi

Feeding a bonedog is a straightforward affair, as soon as one is aware of how, however there are a number of methods to go about it. And like plenty of issues in Kenshi, the correct path is not all the time essentially the most intuitive one. For a celebration member to eat, meals want solely be of their pack. There isn’t any “Eat” command to pick; the character will routinely eat meals of their possession after they develop into hungry sufficient.

Equally, when a bonedog turns into hungry, it should routinely eat qualifying meals from the backpack of a close-by celebration member. If the meals is appropriate, however the bonedog will not eat, attempt shifting the bonedog nearer to the character. If it nonetheless will not eat, the bonedog won’t be hungry sufficient but (bonedogs have a unique starvation threshold than people).

Feed From The Floor

A Bonedog with two human companions in Kenshi

Another choice, splendid for these missing backpacks to hold round pet food, is to feed the bonedog from the bottom. This selection is so simple as it sounds. Merely place acceptable meals on the bottom close to the bonedog, and if the bonedog is hungry sufficient, it should eat.

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Although this technique is easy and ample more often than not, characters who do loads of touring as an alternative of remaining at dwelling will want to have the ability to present for his or her pet on the highway, which both necessitates carrying meals in a backpack (as described above) or feeding from the lifeless. Alternatively, a bonedog can even eat from an animal feed trough.

Feed From The Useless

bonedog in kenshi

Kenshi is, amongst different issues, a brutal world. Whereas some bonedogs may lead lives of relative luxurious, consuming tasty morsels from the backpacks of their loving homeowners, others observe the pure, predatory tendencies of their species. All that is to say that bonedogs can feed from the lifeless. Grotesque as it could appear, one low-cost technique to maintain a bonedog fed is to let it feast on the severed limbs of slain enemies.

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Gross? Sure. But additionally nutritious, at the least for the bonedog. Main the bonedog to an enemy’s corpse will immediate it to eat the lifeless, whether it is hungry sufficient. Along with retaining one’s pet fed, that is additionally a simple option to eliminate undesirable mess, if too many carcasses are littering the participant’s campsite or base.

Feed The Proper Meals

A bonedog running in Kenshi

Desirous to feed one’s bonedog and having meals is not sufficient: one has to have meals the bonedog really needs. Bonedogs desire to eat Uncooked Meat, Foul Uncooked Meat, and Severed Limbs. Not like people, who will likely be sickened by the consumption of rotten meat, bonedogs can eat spoiled meat with out concern.

This small element may be an essential one. If the participant has meals that was supposed for the character’s consumption however has gone dangerous, it will possibly have a second life as meals for a bonedog. Assets are valuable in Kenshi, so something that enables the participant to reuse and recycle is a beneficial instrument, letting the participant commit sources to extra essential issues.

Kenshi is out there on PC.

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