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I’m a gardening professional – the frequent causes of a patchy garden & the right way to repair it on a budget

BIG, brown patches in your garden are sufficient to make any gardener irritated.

There are a variety of various explanation why dry patches could crop up in your garden, however fortunately there are many methods to eliminate them.


A dry, patchy garden is actually annoying, however based on gardening specialists, there are simple fixesCredit score: Getty
One way to rid your lawn of dry patches is to regularly mow and use lawn fertilizer


One technique to rid your garden of dry patches is to frequently mow and use garden fertilizerCredit score: Getty

The gardening specialists at Specific revealed why your garden is likely to be lined in dry patches and the important tricks to get it lush and inexperienced once more.


In response to Kate Turner, a gardening professional at Miracle-Gro, it is vital to mow your garden frequently.

Though, she warned: “By no means mow too quick although as you may scalp your garden which may go away naked patches.

“If it’s a dry summer season, go away the garden a bit longer than traditional as this may shield it from moisture loss.”


For dry patches, Turner really useful utilizing hard-wearing grass seed, equivalent to Pennington Kentucky’s Grass Feed, which can solely price you $10.

Turner mentioned: “Ensure you maintain the seed watered while establishing.

“Don’t mow it till it’s about 5 centimeters (roughly two inches) lengthy.”

Turner additionally really useful feeding your garden with one of many a number of choices of garden fertilizer in the marketplace like Sta-Inexperienced’s garden fertilizer, which can run you about $17 for a 14-pound bag.


Sadly, canine house owners could also be extra vulnerable to patchier lawns due to the excessive degree of nitrogen present in canine urine, mentioned Turner.

It is particularly a problem for these with feminine canine.

Turner recommended: “In case you can, attempt to encourage them to urinate in a unique space.

“As quickly as you see them urinate, water the patch as this may assist stop the scorching from the urine.

“Maintain the newly seeded space moist, and undoubtedly maintain the canine off the world while it grows.”


Weeds may be one other problem relating to getting a lush, patch-free garden.

However quite than use a industrial weed killer that will include dangerous chemical compounds, a spokesperson for recommended utilizing a do-it-yourself recipe as an alternative.

“Not solely are these do-it-yourself concoctions a chemical-free various, however you’ll additionally save the expense of store-bought merchandise,” they mentioned.

They added: “Merchandise with excessive acidic values are normally efficient, however it is best to keep away from spraying them straight on soil as substances like vinegar can break down the soil construction and kill useful microorganisms.”

Though vinegar is greatest prevented on soil, it may be used as an all-natural weed killer that may solely price you $3.

In response to the professional, it “will kill every part it touches.”

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