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Pricey Cathy: I’ve two grownup cats and just lately adopted two long-haired sibling kittens, who’re about 11 months outdated. The grownup cats need nothing to do with the kittens. The kittens have been raised by a foster mother and refused to be held or cuddled. Is there something we are able to do to assist this? In addition they seem to by no means have been taught to scrub themselves once they have been with their mother. They are going to depart the field with poop down their legs and caught to their bottom. How can I train them to scrub themselves? One is a woman, and the opposite is a boy. — Carol, Lengthy Island, New York

Pricey Carol: Kittens who lose their moms typically do not be taught to groom themselves adequately. You possibly can train them higher hygiene by wiping them down every day with a feline cleaning wipe. Utilizing your pointer and center finger, use the wipe to stroke your kitten’s coat equally to a mom cat’s tongue. (Watch movies on cats cleansing their kittens, and attempt to mimic it.) If the kittens are uncooperative, have somebody scruff their neck to maintain them nonetheless. They are going to lick themselves afterward, which can, in flip, train them tips on how to groom themselves.

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As for the poop down their legs, their stool sounds too delicate, which could be the results of a well being drawback or their weight loss plan. Rule out any well being issues first, then handle the weight loss plan. I assume you are feeding them moist meals for this to occur, so scale back their moist meals consumption, and regularly pair it with dry meals. If this does not work, wean them off moist meals totally and feed them dry meals for a time period to see if that helps.

Pricey Cathy: I’ve a 14-year-old Shih-Tzu combine with gentle coronary heart points. The vet needs to do a dental cleansing. I am nervous about placing her below anesthesia and simply usually placing her by means of this. I’ve had canine my entire life however by no means have achieved a dental. How crucial is that this to a canine this age? — Katherine, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pricey Katherine: It is exhausting to know the way lengthy your Shih-Tzu will stay however in all probability a couple of extra years, relying on her well being. Poor dental hygiene not solely can lead to the lack of her tooth however can result in coronary heart issues — or, in your case, extra coronary heart issues. So, if her tooth are dangerous, it is in all probability a good suggestion to have the process achieved.

However I perceive your fear. She’s an older canine with coronary heart issues, and you’re involved she is probably not wholesome sufficient to bear anesthesia. Your vet will possible advocate a senior blood panel earlier than surgical procedure. When there are coronary heart issues, they need to additionally advocate a session with a cardiac specialist for extra checks previous to surgical procedure. A cardiac specialist might help you resolve if she is wholesome sufficient for surgical procedure. If she is, they will make suggestions for her anesthesia cocktail to make sure the process is protected for her.

Pricey Cathy: For nearly 40 years, I’ve used a potty-training methodology that features telling my canine to “go potty.” Nevertheless, as a substitute of utilizing clickers or saying “Good canine,” and so forth., I inform them, “Good potty.” That manner, they affiliate the reward with the motion. The truth is, once they poop, I inform them, “Good poopie,” so in addition they be taught the distinction between “peeing” and “pooping.” I do that for any coaching: good sit, good keep, and so forth., associating the reward with the motion. — Pat, Wittman, Maryland

Pricey Pat: You are utilizing a marker phrase to mark the specified habits with the phrase “good,” indicating approval, and an obedience command indicating the specified motion. It is a terrific strategy to practice your canine. You need to use this “marker phrase” as a command (and never simply approval) once you want your canine to do one thing, like relieve themselves once you’re in a rush.

Growing your canine’s vocabulary by means of coaching additionally helps him use his mind and makes him smarter. On common, canine can find out about 100 phrases, whatever the language. Coaching creates a more in-depth bond between pet and proprietor, which will increase understanding on each side.

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Pet tip: It has been a sweltering summer time to date. Please shield your pet from the warmth, and be taught the indicators of warmth exhaustion, which embrace heavy panting, dry and irregular gum shade, speedy pulse, disorientation, lethargy, vomiting and collapsing. In case your pet displays any of those signs, supply them cool water (not chilly), and place cool, moist towels throughout their physique. Then contact your veterinarian instantly for emergency care. 

Cathy M. Rosenthal is a longtime animal advocate, creator, columnist and pet skilled who has greater than 25 years within the animal welfare subject. Ship your pet questions, tales and tricks to Please embrace your identify, metropolis, and state. You possibly can observe her @cathymrosenthal.

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