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OAD feeding works

Torey and Reece Williams are contract milking 830 cows (in three herds) on 230 hectares for Mark and Leanne Miers at Reporoa.

The couple milk all 12 months round and whereas it spreads the calf rearing numbers, it additionally means the calves by no means fully go away.

They rear 200 replacements yearly, together with 200 Friesian/Charolais calves (break up between the spring and autumn), 15 Jersey bulls, and as much as 100 Friesian bulls (reared to 100kg, relying on the season). They’ve been feeding OAD since 2018.

Torey stated her two “principal drivers” to embrace OAD feeding was that they’d two younger daughters, and that the calves appeared to drink extra aggressively within the morning anyway.

“Generally you suppose that folks go to OAD simply because they don’t wish to feed the calves within the afternoon,” Torey says.

“I simply discovered on Calf Xtreme they had been content material, and never significantly within the afternoon feed.

“Now we have fairly massive Friesian calves and once we had been giving them 2.5-3 litres within the morning and afternoon, they had been considerably much less content material than once we modified to feeding six litres in a single feed within the morning.”

Torey says she’s additionally seen the extra mass of their two-yearolds within the herd since introducing Calf Xtreme, which has given them confidence to compete with their combined aged cows.

“When our heifers calve down, you battle to select them within the herd as a result of they’re so massive,” Torey says.

“We watch once we are drafting between herds and we frequently discover that every one the heifers go within the first herd, and so they dominate. They may all be within the first row – they’re the large canine. I’m positive that early rumen improvement is the explanation why.”

For These Wanting Extra

Chris Collier says probiotics was a system for the inquisitive minds who needed extra.

Their shoppers are actually feeding as much as eight litres OAD to Friesians and 5 litres OAD to Jerseys.

“We aren’t coping with the farmers that aren’t questioning. Within the first 12 months, lots of them tried it as a lot for its well being advantages as they did as a result of they might safely feed extra milk.

“It wasn’t till the second 12 months that we began to push the upper charge of milk extra actively.”

Calves had been extra content material and that they began consuming hay and meal a lot quicker.

He stated that their farmers routinely reported that the calves had been extra content material and that they began consuming hay and meal a lot quicker. In addition they seen that they began to chew their cud earlier and extra aggressively.

“Inside two weeks these calves had been knocking again as much as half a kilogram of meal a day. Inside a month that was as much as 1kg.”

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