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Why do canine bury bones? Is it regular and must you allow them to?

It is an age-old cliché, however why do canine bury bones? Do they even truly do it, or is it simply one thing that has been canonized by cartoons and different types of media like cats ingesting milk? Don’t be concerned, we have got all of the solutions you will want proper right here.

In case you’ve already given your pup the most effective canine chew toys and are trying into what sorts of bones are good choices on your canine, you will wish to know why canine bury bones and if it is one thing you must allow them to do or nip within the bud. 

It is also essential to ask can canine eat bones, in order that you realize whether or not or not you have to be carefully supervising your pup throughout a bone-chewing sesh. 

So let’s get right down to the info right here, and get some solutions to the everlasting query: why do canine bury bones?

Why do canine bury bones?

Canines burying bones is “a kind of meals caching,” which is storing accessible meals provides in order that they will entry them later. 

Meals caching is quite common amongst mammals and birds, and canine’ ancestors (grey wolves) did this as effectively, therefore why domesticated canine nonetheless have that intuition. 

Wolves are often known as “scatter hoarders”, which implies they’re going to unfold out their leftover meals in hideaways which can be reasonably far aside. Even wolf puppies do that and can transfer their meals caches to totally different areas to stay away from their siblings. 

However canine as we speak needn’t retailer meals, since they’ve their loving people to supply them with greater than sufficient. 

Nevertheless, the intuition should stay – and typically it would not even must do with meals, as they could bury cherished objects to allow them to play with them later. Generally, bored canine will do that to maintain themselves occupied, or extreme burying could possibly be an indication of an anxiousness situation. 

In case you discover your canine immediately burying bones and/or different objects, you might wish to attain out to your vet or a behaviorist to ensure the whole lot is okay.

Ought to I let my canine bury bones? 

Nicely first off, let’s make one thing tremendous clear: you shouldn’t give your canine animal bones of any variety. Rooster bones or every other bones from leftover meals should not protected on your canine as they will splinter and puncture your canine’s insides. Nevertheless, in case you are giving them dog-safe bones, must you allow them to bury them?

First off, ask your self if you need your canine digging holes in your yard. If not, you might wish to try to prepare them out of that conduct early on. In case your canine buries a bone and forgets about it, it might doubtlessly freeze underground and trigger them to chip its tooth.

In case you do not thoughts a bit upturned earth, then let your canine bury away, however double-check together with your vet to ensure it is protected.

Why do dogs bury bones

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Do canine keep in mind the place they bury their bones? 

It isn’t a lot that canine keep in mind the place they bury their bones, however that they will odor the place they’ve buried them. With a way of odor that’s 10,000 to 100,000 occasions as robust as ours, your canine can simply odor the place they’ve buried a bone, deal with, or toy. 

However canine even have spatial recollections, which assist them be taught issues just like the structure of your home or their favourite place to go to. 

They’re going to use their spatial reminiscence to recollect locations they’ve related to good or dangerous recollections, so a bone hiding spot can be remembered as a “good” place (whereas the vet could also be a “dangerous” place). 

What canine breeds bury their bones? 

Sure canine breeds are extra susceptible to digging and burying than others. Breeds like Terriers, Dachshunds, Beagles, Basset Hounds, and Miniature Schnauzers. 

Since many terrier breeds had been bred to chase and hunt small recreation (which requires digging), they’re inherently susceptible to digging and looking out. 

Breeds that dig extra would possibly subsequently be extra inquisitive about burying – since they’ve made the outlet, they may as effectively fill it with a bone or a toy. 


Canines bury bones due to an intuition that descends from their ancestors. They wish to hoard their favourite issues in order that they will revisit them later, which makes quite a lot of sense if you concentrate on it. 

Make it possible for your canine hasn’t immediately began burying issues, nevertheless, as this could possibly be an indication of an underlying situation. 

If you do not need holes in your yard and have a canine breed that’s susceptible to digging, you might wish to work on behavioral coaching to try to discourage the dig. And keep in mind, by no means give your canine actual animal bones – these should not protected!

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